lets talk about permutation

by Dancing Rivers   Jul 3, 2017

this world needs a little permutation
lets start with "x,z,y" and end in "b,a,c"
let's get desert then have the main meal

What is it with this paradigm *sht*
don't you think that we need a little
paradigm shift?

I'm sorry if you've been living under a rock
my friend, pick yourself up from that old dust
let's realise that permutation is a must
if we want to destroy these issues of distrust.

I don't know about you my brother
but when a child grows old without his mother
when a boy plays ball like his daddy is in the wall
when pharma gives you heroin for joy
and takes joy in making thieves the heroines

then something is up my friend
when we all grow up to depend
on a vote between him or her
when poison is a cure

This world needs a little permutation.


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