of apples and trees

by Dancing Rivers   Jul 3, 2017

I often ponder in those silent moments
if Adam and Eve were under a spell
an enchantment of purple haze
when they ate of the forbidden fruit?

Can an apple really be so awful
as to separate man from source?

I would love to have been Adam
perhaps even Eve, when Source
in all it's glorious rage
threw his toys-Adam and Eve

out of the proverbial cot.

Is Source a child then
if it knew it's abc's
would add to 12 and 3
why did he allow Eve

to tempt humanity?

I'm sorry i know this makes you mad
but my question is, are apples really that bad?
What crowd did the apple hang around with
that she would be such a temptation?

Did the sweet apple lose her morals
or was she perhaps underdressed
exposing her flesh
for all of man to see?

Did she hang around
with that guy rape,
the oldest brother of the tobacco plants?

Did he entice her to be more than
just a sweet little juicy fruit?
Was our friend the apple
a bit of a tramp, who fell to far from the tree?

And what of Eve?
Did she enjoy being a submissive lady
knowing she wasn't Adam's first?
DID she know about Lilith?

Now see
this is so far from poetry
but who was the serpent on the tree/
can you blame or mortal for being fascinated
by something shiny and new?

Like Raven the trickster
who stole the shinning sun
and gave it to the people of Earth
did Lucifer...Bless..Eve?

if you know what I mean


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