Broken Glasses in our Hearts

by Alex Penuelas   Jul 14, 2017

Sure thing,
Fill up the carpet floor
With more broken glass
From that cheap wine
You just bought
At the liquor store.

Go ahead and
Spill the cheap beer
You got all
Over the pavement.

Oh most definitely,
Go ahead and
Berate me for
Accidentally making eye contact
With your girlfriend.

Go ahead and
Try to get in my
Face about having the
misfortune of literally looking
at your girl for
No less than a millisecond
While you make an utter
fool of yourself
In your own home.

You think I'll just
Let you boss me around
Like you did when we
Both were in high school?

Think again, bucko.

I came here
not looking for
any trouble,
I seriously just
Got here because
My friends invited
Me over.

You think I forgot about
How you screwed my mental state
Up in high school?

When you used to
Get all into my
Personal relationships with
other people?

Because you were
Too damn afraid of
No longer having my
Undivided attention?

You know what?
I'm not even sorry
That you are
Literally becoming
Everything that you hated.

And I would
Absolutely love it
If you decided to even ponder
Laying a finger on me.

Cuz boy,
All of this stuff that has been
Bottling up inside me
Has been waiting to
Come into contact
With your face.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Alex Penuelas

    (Note: I did not, in any way shape or form, even do any physical violence with my ex best friend. I just realized that he wasn't worth it, and decided to leave the premises.)

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