It was Just the Wind [Part 2]

by Alex Penuelas   Jul 20, 2017

The first day
I moved into my
New apartment,
I got pretty familiar
With my surroundings
Relatively quickly.

The kitchen was pretty good.
The sink was a bit rusted,
But it wasn't something that
A quick trip to the
Closest hardware store
Wouldn't fix.

The stove was
Kind of dusty,
So I brushed it off
With one of the
Rags that my
Aunt insisted for
Me to bring with me
(Remember how I said
That they were
Protective of me?)

The bathroom, however,
was surprisingly clean,
Even for normal standards.
I was sure that the
Previous tenants were
Very diligent about
Cleaning their bathrooms often.

It felt a little TOO clean.

I dunno how to explain it.
But something about that bathroom
Felt a bit...
Off, to say the least.

I mean,
It is a nice bathroom.
The toilet and the
Shower stall are
Pretty up to date,
And I have
No complaints about the
Heating system in the house
(I love taking warm showers).

And there was this
Nice, giant,
Antique looking cabinet.

It was pretty damn neat,
To say the least.

And it looked like
The cabinet was
Properly taken care of
By the previous tenants.

It doesn't look like
They were betting on
Taking the cabinet with them, however.

Remember how I said that
I felt a little off about the bathroom?

When I was busy
Unpacking all of my things,
And was placing all of my
Toiletries into the cabinet,
My ring finger slid on
Something sharp,
And I immediately pulled it out
And sucked on it.

After the bleeding stopped,
I inspected my finger to
See what kind of
Cut I got.

"Ugh, great. A paper-cut"
I thought to myself.

Which was odd,
Because when I first
Inspected the cabinet
There was no sign of
Any form of paper
Inside of it.

So, I slid my hand on the
Surface of one of the shelves
Very precariously, and discovered
A little yellow sticky note,
That was firmly stuck on the
Wood of the cabinet.

I pulled the sticky note off,
And out of curiosity,
Decided on reading the note.

The note simply said:


It was written in
Fine red ink,
And it looked like it was
Written relatively recently.

But I didn't think much of it
After that.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Milly Hayward

    I like it but I see it more as a story than a poem I think it would be a great start to a thriller x

  • 1 year ago

    by mossgirl19

    Oh my, now, what is this? Chills.

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