by Mark   Aug 5, 2017

There's a spot on the wall
Small and dark, just one.
Just one spot on the wall.
The wall is white and clean,
Painted thoroughly.

Fixating on this spot,
I stare in wonder
How did it get there.
Would vast eternal plans
be in disarray
if no spot was on this wall.

All walls have spots,
all life has spots.
This spot gives reason,
many a reason to ponder;
relationships, many spots.
We focus on those as well,
to an end, then another end.

Untill very few remain;
more unhappiness,
less spots.
The correlations revealed in time.
How would life for all change,
if we dwelled less on spots.

Definitions aside,
intangibles have spots.
Spots unseen are just,
spots unseen.
Yet felt no doubt
by the beholder.

Too many to tell,
how many I have studied.
Yet the wall is white,
Strong and well built.
Countless walls, countless spots.
Alike the wall,
will we ever accept
the spots in life.


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Latest Comments

  • 11 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    Its like a problem or an obstacle which lies in one's path
    and how focused we become on that particular thing no matter
    how happy or good things are. I guess this is how some lose
    the point of life! They are so focused on mistakes, or a blemish
    that its hard for them to look past it and move on; instead they
    wither in pain and sadness.

    A very good message here you have brought to the readers using
    a "spot"...excellent!