Reaching for an Old Lifeline

by Alex Penuelas   Sep 3, 2017

I know that I haven't seen you for months,
And I do feel like it is
Coming to the point where
I feel that the lifeline that kept us attached
Is starting to loosen up its threads.

I know it has a lot to do
with the disconnect we have had,
But I also feel like it has
Something to do with the fact that
You and I see the world differently.

Where I see optimism, you see pessimism.
Where I find blissful joy, you find self-inflicted cynicism.

Often times, you and I switch sides
On the coin that flips through the
Duality of our respective personalities.

And more often than not,
we have argued over the pettiest of things,
Like new love interests,
Or new video games.

I also have decided to vent my inner frustrations
Through the poems you have read,
Much to your own displeasure
and much to my own catharsis.

But know that,
in spite of all of the heat that
I was throwing at you
with my previous poems,
That I have not forgotten
the near and dear friendship
that you and I have kindled all these years,
And that I still see you as one of the only true friends I got.

If you want to help me fix the lifeline
that keeps us at bay whilst the tempests of life
Hurdles wave upon wave
of curveballs, of hits and misses,
Of spectacular disappointments,
then let me know.

I can't do this alone,
And neither can you.

Let's brace the storm together.


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