I Truly am Invisible

by Gwenyth Hill   Sep 30, 2017

I believed in you so much
So why do you do this?
I loved you to the nth degree
I wish this was painless

I don't want to feel
Because every time I do
I can't stand how my soul
Gets ripped out because of you

Why do you do it?
What sort of sick pleasure can you find
In breaking all the rules
Every single time

Then you act surprised
When the law catches up
As though none of those rules apply to you
Why can't you see? This has to stop!

You tear me down every time
You say you love me
But I don't think you do
Or else your love is just a piece of debris

Well I'm sick of the garbage trails
That you leave behind
I can't stand to watch you fall
While I continue climb

I want you to catch up
Not stay back
I need you to be here
I don't want this crack

That seems to divide us lately
Something that I can't repair
Only you can do that
But it only continues to tear

The bars that continue to seperate us
Are just as literal as they are physical
Except I'm the one trapped and you aren't
I truly am invisible


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