Anxiety & Depression

by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.   Oct 3, 2017

A is for always Anxious..

N is for emotionally Neurotic..

X is for the many Xanax ive taken in the past..

I is for all my Insecurities..

E is for sometimes hardly being able to Eat..

T is for night Terrors when all you want is sleep..

Y is for You trying to be strong enough to make it through yet another day..

D is for the days you feel Damned..

E is for wanting to Escape..

P is for how many times you Pray..

R is for feeling like you always need.
Reassurance.. Or reminiscing the better

E is for the Eternal pain while appearing fine

S is for how quick you can switch from angry to Sad

S is for you longing to be Saved but know it wont happen..

I is for feeling Insane

O is for overthinking even the simplest of

N is for the Nothing feeling recieved when you have both....

Having one is a struggle,
Having both is hell.

I feel for anyone going through these things or anything similar.. Im 24 & still have trouble leaving my room ( comfort zone), only because I know what obstacles i will have to face trying to get through one day ..& i just cant . but if anyone ever needs to talk dont be scared to message me. Ill answer any questions or if you need someone to just listen, im here. (:


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  • 10 months ago

    by Jamie

    Thank you for penning this, as someone who suffers both depression and anxiety i related to this strongly..

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