The Lone Tribesman

by WritingtheStars   Oct 11, 2017

Of all I have,
I have lost twice the much.
Abandoned once again,
this time through no fault of my own.

forlorn once again
after searching for a tribe to call mine
once I was expelled from the one
I called home for so long.

Life of cycles-
round and round.
When I'll stop?
I don't know.

Years of change-
there should be no surprise.

Is it bad I long for something static-
some stable comfort
I can fall back on
in this life of uncertainty-
of chaos?

Even after all this time
as the lone wolf,
the wolf is lonely.

I pray to every known god
in this mysterious universe
for the chance to keep what I earn -
to keep a tribe as my own-
to find a family that stays.

Perhaps one will take pity
and answer my plea.


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  • 6 days ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A meloncoly piece about loneliness and wanting to be part of a family. The lone wolf not wanting to be lonely any more. I think this will touch a note with anyone who's ever been lonely. An emotional piece. Milly x