Pretty lies

by Valiantpenguin   Oct 17, 2017

Tell me I'm beautiful
That the sun shines from within me
That my eyes remind you of something beautiful
My smile makes your whole day better

Tell me I'm easy to love
That my anxieties are just a part of me
You know how to handle my darkest moments
You love that I turn to you with all of this

Tell me the anger isn't too much for you
That you understand it's not me
That you'll be here when I calm down
You'll listen to what is really bothering me

Tell me I'm not crazy
That how I feel makes sense
Even if its strong
That these thoughts will go away
I'll be okay and you'll be here until I am

Tell me the darkness is only temporary
I'll be fine in the morning
You'll hold me until the tears stop
Until my breath no longer shakes
And my heartbeat is normal again.

Tell me you love all of me
Even the parts you hate


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  • 1 year ago

    by Ya----Na

    I don't know how to react to this poem.
    But I just loved it.
    I am speechless because of the emotions you poured.

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