Death and His Haunting Beauty

by Someone Invisible   Nov 26, 2017

Shes stoops against a willow at the rise of the hill, pausing to catch her breath.
Overgrown grass and wild lillies waving over her bare, skeletal feet.
The wind catches her hair and caresses across the bridge of her nose,
As she takes a rickety breath and locks it in her breast,
Closing her sunken eyes and droping her head back.
Hers was a haunting beauty, a beauty that lingers with you,
Even long after shes passed you by.
A smile that stretches across, cheek to cheek, ruby red.
The voice that emerges like driving five miles on bad road, But still melodic,
Like the voice ringing faintly over abandoned lavendar fields,
Singing odes of those fallen in a battle here long ago.
Deep set eyes swept with incredibly long lashes,
A single beat of her eyes gives a gasping man breath again.
The graceful arch of her neck glides into sharp collarbones
Carved out lovingly to catch every droplet of rain that cascades from the sky.
As the water fills and overflows to the tips of her full breasts,
Her rib cage ecoes with her dull heart beats.
And the rain traveles further below to the dips and valleys of her hips,
To flow, finally, down sturdy thighs and the soft bruised skin of her shins,
Until these little beads of water roll quietly off her toes.
Hauling her head back up, and prying her eyes open again,
She starts her journey once more, sliding the balls of her feet over the ever reaching grass as she takes the first of her final steps;
A warm hand slips into hers and she knows love has come to join her in this closing journey.
The movement caused by her gentle descent of the hill,
Somehow all one fluid motion, her stride never breaking
As if shes never been fully grounded, as if she can only glide,
Sends her dress dancing behind her, dyed with the palest of elemeralds.
It complements her rich and daunting forest green eyes.
And framing her pale, anciently youthful face,
Is a curling blaze of iodine orange hair,
Never to be cooled by the steady rain shes surrounded by.
Slowly her path turns from slick and clinging grass
To soft and moist earth that she pads over,
Only slowing her steps when her toes curl over a fragile ledge.
Shes arrived to her new home and a weight tumbles from her delicate shoulders
Her spine straightens and her lips curl, genuinely, a final time.
Six feet below her new bed is waiting for her.
Thantos steps down and offers up his hands,
One, clutching eleven stems topped with white rose buds,
And the other, open, fingers gently spread, waiting for her to accept him for good.
She takes one more deep breath and her colour returns,
Her feet, as they lift to step down, her hands as the slip into his, are no longer skeletal.
Her deep set eyes, no longer sadly sunken, lighten in colour,
And her rib cage now beats strongly in rhythm with the waving grass,
Wishing her a grand farewell.
This Haunted Beauty kneels and lays her head upon Deaths chest,
And the man most Dead of them all wraps his arms around her to draw her nearer.
Together, blanketed by six feet of living earth, they close their eyes,
And, souls entwined, her head on his now beating heart,
His lips stroking from her brow to her temple,
Drift off into a deep and everlasting sleep.


I honestly have no idea. Sorry if it sucks. I kinda just spaced out and let my fingers say what they wanted without stopping to make sure it made any sense. But even still, I kinda like this anyways. Thank you!


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  • 1 year ago

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    This really doesn't 'suck' S I! It's beautifully descriptive, haunting, ethereal and captivating and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! I hope it gets nominated! :-) x

    • 11 months ago

      by Someone Invisible

      I love the words haunting and ethereal! Thank you so much