I Don't Have Time

by Alex Penuelas   Dec 8, 2017

I completely understand that
Everybody gets busy
Every now and then.

I get that not everything
That we plan will always
Work out in the end.

I understand that
Scheduling a day to hang out with you
Around your busy schedule is
Like trying to throw a dart
At a moving board,
While blindfolded and after
Spinning ten times around a
Baseball bat.

But for Christs sake.

After cancelling with me
At the last minute
Multiple times in a row.

After telling me that you don't have the time
To go and hang out with me,
When I clearly see that you have
Plenty of time to go out with your
Close friends.

After saying last week that
The reason you were cancelling on me
Thus time was because you were
Gonna go out to dinner with your friends.

After seeing you post up about how much
Fun you had in Seattle, in Colombia,
And in New York with them.

Makes me feel like I ain't a priority to you.

Like my time isn't worth a damn thing
To you.

So I'm sorry.
Now you're gonna have to wait.


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