Gotta Be the Very Best

by Alex Penuelas   Dec 9, 2017

When I was 5 years old,
I remember begging my mommy
For the newest gameboy so that
I can be like Ash Ketchum.

Finally I got it.

The newest Pokemon game at the time:
Pokemon Yellow.

I played it for hours on end,
Sucking so bad at the very beginning,
But through the help of my
Faithful companion, Pikachu,
I was able to finally achieve
My childhood dream of being
The best Pokemon trainer.

Then I developed a
Deep and heavy rivalry
With my childhood friend, Justin.

He too claimed to be
The best Pokemon trainer
In the whole world,
And this town wasn't big enough
For two Pokemon masters.

For years on end
We went and got
The newest Pokemon games
So that we can attempt to
Beat the game before
The other person did,
And then we would train our Pokemon
To be the very best,
So that we can duke it out
In heated Pokemon battles.

Sometimes he would win,
Sometimes I would win.

Then it got to the point
That our rivalry expanded
Far beyond the confines
Of link battles and card games.

It extended to smash bros,
To Mario party,
To call of duty,
And so on.

Our childhood rivalry may have
Simmered down,
But every now and then,
When Justin tells me to get on a game,
You best believe I'll be on.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Milly Hayward

    A cute tale of childhood rivalry that reminds of games long gone. An enjoyable read Milly x

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