Forms of Art

by Alex Penuelas   Dec 11, 2017

I get that
You and I
Are artists to
Certain degrees.

And I understand
That your drawings are
Aspects of you that you
Hope will reflect
Who you are as a person.

And it's cool that
You used to come over
To me and ask if
Your art was good.

I'm always honored to
Be considered as a sort of
Critic to the works of my friends.

But don't give me that
"Ew poetry is disgusting"
Look when i ask you
To read one of my older poems.

Sorry butter cup,
But art is more than
Just a stroke of a brush,
Or a flick of a pen.

Art comes through visuals,
Through words,
Through mathematics,
Through sounds,
Through any and all of our senses.

So don't come at me
Claiming that poetry
Is a sleazy form of art,
Since poems are written best
When they are conducted
By your soul.


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