You used to be my friend

by Alex Penuelas   Dec 16, 2017

You used to be my friend.

You used to be my go to guy,
My brother from another mother,
My homie,
My... everything.

You used to be my friend.

You used to be the guy
Who I would go to
When I wanted to do something
That day.

The dude whom
I could trust any of
My secrets with.

The friend who felt like
The other half of me
That was missing since
My birth.

You used to be my friend.

The guy who would
Back me up whenever
The bullies at school made fun of me
For loving anime and video games.

The buddy who was
There to console me after
Each and every breakup.

The person whom my
Family members once considered
To be one of their own.


After all, you used to be my friend.

That was,
Until the web of lies
You constructed around me
Started to fall apart
String by string.

That was,
Until I realized that
All you ever cared about
Was the attention I was
Giving you.

That was,
Until I realized that
You did not want
Anyone one else getting
My attention, even the
People that I was with.

That was,
Until I realized that
You were seeing my
Ex behind my back,
And that you didn't have the
Decency to tell me.

That was,
Until you got so afraid of me
When I confronted you with
Indignation in my eyes
For all that you've done to me,
That you resort to going to the
School psychiatrist and tell her
That i may be going insane.

You think that image
Has left my head, buddy?

You think it's nice to just
Throw someone who was once
Your best friend under the bus?

To be quite frank with you,
I wasn't planning on writing this,
Since every time I think of it
I want to punch you in the face.

But hey, you were my friend once.


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