I'm starting to love the holidays

by Alex Penuelas   Dec 25, 2017

I'm glad that you loved
My amateur attempt to
Play the ode to joy
For you, mi Tío.

It's glad to see that
The notes and my strings
Were able to make you
Smile once again.

I love how you laughed
And complimented
How my entire outfit
Basically made me
Look like a Christmas tree.

I'm really glad that
You decided to come visit us,
And that you were filled
With such love and life
That i haven't seen
In a long time.

And I'm really glad
That you told me that
You don't care if my other relatives
Don't talk to me for my beliefs,
But that you see the good nephew
That they all forgot to see.

I know that losing your wife
Wasn't easy,
But we still have each other.

And I'll be here for you, mi Tío.


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