Feliz Navidad, mi Abuelita

by Alex Penuelas   Dec 27, 2017

This marks another Christmas
Without you, mi Abuelita.

You must be having lots of fun,
Wherever it is that you may be,
With all of your ancestors
During this festive season.

Christmas eves don't feel the same
Since we no longer visit
The home that you once lived in.

The way that you used
To screw up the Feliz Navidad lyrics,
By saying "¡Felicidades America!"
Instead of "I wanna wish you a merry Christmas"

The way that your eyes lit up
When I surprised you with
A CD from Marco Antonio Solis,
And how you and I would
Dance to "Más que tu amigo"
When we drove to the beach.

But if I ever learned anything,
It is that music can bring back both
The most beautiful
and the saddest of memories.

But as I learn the songs that you loved,
It feels as if you are here with my again,
Cheering your rascal of a grandson on.

I hope I make you proud Abuelita.


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