The Goodbye Kiss

by Someone Invisible   Jan 1, 2018

I kissed you softly until I suddenly became aware of the outline of my own lips. The peaks of my cupids bow and then the valley in-between them. And a keening whimper tears from my throat, my brow creases, eyes water, my grip on your arms tighten until my fingers ache and knuckles turn white. Then I opened my mouth and our kiss became tinged with desperation and sorrow and my tears join yours in rolling over and coating our bottom lips as we try to pour everything we've meant say to each other, but were too scared to put into words into that soul searing kiss. Because you realized that I was kissing you goodbye without me speaking the words and its not what either of us truly want, but by god if I don't leave you now while I still love you, then I'll hate you soon, because...because God it shouldn't hurt so much to be with someone, to love someone. Leaving you will be a searing pain but it will be brief whereas staying with you is a dull ache that I never can escape or get reprieve from no matter how much I try or how much time passes. I love you, Darlin', but I have to walk away so I never stop.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Phoenix ¥

    Although more of a monologue than I poem, I was compelled to read it all and can relate to your emotions x