Rocks at Sea

by Alex Penuelas   Jan 7, 2018

Our personalities
Could not starkly contrast
Any further.

You are a woman of tradition.

You love things to be done
Your way.

You like to see
Order and stability
In everything you do.

And you love to be
The one who
Orchestrates what goes on
In the house.

You are,
The matriarch.

And then there's me.

Your son you brings you
More worry than
He does happiness.

The son who
Likes to take things easy
And live in the present,
Welcoming every new change.

The son who
Is unsure about what tomorrow brings
But is happy to embrace it.

The son who
Cannot decide once and for all
What it is that he wants to do
With the knowledge he has

I know you have big dreams for me.

I do too.

I just don't know
How the Hell I am
Gonna make them
All work out.

Nor do i really know
How to truly connect with you,
As you and I both like to
Keep our emotions on reserve,
So that neither you nor I
Appear to the other
To have any sort of weakness.

You and I both know
That we do this because
We want to be
One another's rocks that
Bear the blows of
The roaring seas.

But hey, we are works in progress.

And i cannot forget how much
We have in common.

Like our love for the
Bittersweet aromas of
Freshly brewed coffee,
And the solace of
Calm waves.

So drink up, mother,
And stand by me.

No matter how many
Times we fight
(Believe me we so do this a lot),
Know that I will always love you.

You are my best friend,
And the first love of my life.



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