by Alex Penuelas   Jan 22, 2018

If I can offer any
piece of advice that can possibly
help you feel better:

I recommend for you to write.

Write about all that you are experiencing.

Write it out.

Write it out in waves or all at once.

Let the pain inside of you
transfer itself into the
ink in the pen that is
in your hands.

Writing is one of the best forms of catharsis.

It has helped me out with
all the things I have gone through,
with the loss of meaningful relationships,
and the loss of family members.

I grieve through my pen and paper.

And I'm not saying this for me,
because I wish to purchase
Each and every
Heartfelt poem you write.

But I'm saying this for you.

It may not necessarily
help you feel better
Any time soon.

But it will allow you
to put your emotions
into words.

Trust me.
It may not feel like it's helping now.

But when time passes,
and you look back at
that which you have wrote,
you will see just how much
you have progressed.

Both in how you write,
and how you live.


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  • 1 year ago

    by Scott Cole

    Your right writing can be a dress reliever and a teacher, one in the same....Nice