Wide awake

by Alex Penuelas   Jan 23, 2018

Have you ever sat in your room
Wide awake at 2 in the morning,
wondering how many of your
Friends and family members
don't actually like you?

Because of who you are
And what you stand for,
and that they are faking to like you
as a person out of sympathy?

Or they are waiting
for the potential opportunity
to use your skills
to their advantage
until you become expendable?

and then they will
discard you like
used toilet paper?

And then you realize that you
sometimes are not the best judge of character
when you realize that you don't
really know who's really there
for your best interest?

And that you realize it
only when it is too late, and
that you have invested lots of time and effort
into a fruitless endeavour
that could have been avoided,
had you known that
they were snakes in the grass?

And that you will never fully recover
from the ordeal,
because the impact of losing someone
you trusted so much,
makes it difficult for you
to trust others with
your feelings like you used to?

Or is that just me?


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