by Alex Penuelas   Feb 2, 2018

Too much of a good thing can be bad.
Too little of it is bad as well.

Too much sugar makes you prone to diabetes.
Too little of it leads to hypoglycemia.

If you eat too much, you are susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.
If you eat too little, your body starts to eat itself.

Too much love can leave your heart out to dry.
Too little love in your life makes it not worth living.

Too many friends can know too much about your secrets.
Too little friends can make you feel all alone.

If you expect a lot from everybody, you will always be disappointed.
If you expect too little, the results you get will feel underwhelming.

Too much money can often times make you lose touch with reality.
Too little of it makes reality all too familiar.

Too much skepticism can make you doubt any intentions of any person, even those who have nothing but the best ones for you.
Too little of it will make you susceptible to the whims of any street salesman.

The plant that is watered too much can drown.
The plant that is watered too little dries up.

All life requires balance.
Find yours.

---Note: Largely inspired by the Golden Mean, as described by Socrates---


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