Painted Memories

by Angie   Mar 28, 2018

Painted Memories

My heart is heavy
and tears have stained my cheeks
feeling like a little girl lost
these past three years

My soul searches the Universe for you each night
and my thoughts are painted with memories
of a wonderful life with you both in it

I reflect back on all those years ago
and even though it may not have always been
butterflies and rainbows
it was family...
it was love...

I wish, that even if,
for just a little while,
we could go back in time
just so that I could see you,
hear your voice, your laughter,
and feel your arms wrapping me
in a warm embrace, one more time

But, I guess this heart
will just have to settle for those
beautiful painted memories
floating in my mind
and treasure them
for the rest of time


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Latest Comments

  • 1 year ago

    by Ben Pickard

    This poem has all the ingredients to choke a grown man up and it did just that as I read, Angie. It is sad, it is delicate and it is brimming with love and terrible loss. You have my sincerest sympathy for the latter and as for the former - love - I suggest that it is that and the memories you cling onto with all your might and then they will never really be gone.
    I'm nominating this poem but some pieces of art transcend things as trivial as a weekly competition - this does.

    All the very best to you,


    • 1 year ago

      by Angie

      AAww Ben, thank you, your words mean so much to me. And thank you for the nomination. Hugs