To Survive

by Milo   Apr 16, 2018

The hiss of your existence
Lies alongside the dead trees
Of my dying world.
The dreams of love
And the things I want
Have come to past,
Drifting further and further
Away from me.

Like the smoke from the pasture fire
Dissappating into the sky,
The thoughts of you wither away
Like the burning dead cattle
That couldn't escape
The barbed fences of my life.

I wanted you to live forever,
Between the worlds of the creator
And his and her's creation; the
Boundless dreams of what I long for
In a struggle to survive, but
Like every other sad lover
Who lost love at some point in time...

I just got tired of living
When I am not dreaming anymore
And you are not alive.
It is strange to stand in the middle
Of these emotional flames
Taking up oxygen.
Like a homeless man
At the intersection
As cars go by not stopping,
To care or understand.

When hope dies, love dies too.
And I don't want your money
Or your pity anymore.
The silent struggle that noone sees
Can finally be laid to rest.
The flowers I leave you every year,
Is the silent hope that makes me smile
A smile noone knows.
But I have continued to survive even
When I have less and less
To look forward to,
The drivers of this world
Wants me to confess and believe,
That there are no more wild horses
Or cattle in this pasture,
The love has burned all its colors away.
Its better to be free
Than burning in our tomb,
Waiting to be received in this fiery grave.

I should move on and love myself.
I could wake up, and find someone else.
But the creator's best creation,
Is the love that continues to burn.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    It's nice to see the dream is being kept alive. The world may try to douse them, but they are yours forever.

    A good write, from start to finish.

  • 11 months ago

    by Meena Krish

    That first love always continues to burn no matter how much
    or how far you have gone. Its there always never dying never ending...