I want You - more prose than poem

by Someone Invisible   May 25, 2018

I want summer 2ams in bed with you and were both awake but at first niether realizes it. The windows open and the breeze blows the curtains every so often and its good. Our hands brush together and our legs tangle more and someone whispers I love you. We smile and we talk softly about everything and god nothing at all, and its good.

I want winter, 530am and the kids are crying and we're both trying to get ready for work and day care and everybodies a little harried. But instead of snapping at each other someone hands the other some coffee and sends them off with a kiss and takes the babies to day care because they dont need to be at work for another half hour. And its good.

I even want the out of town work trips and someones left alone with the kids for a few days or a week, but every morning theres a text and every night a phone call, no matter how brief. The tight hugs before you leave and the bright smiles as we greet you coming back. It'll be lonely when you're gone, but itll be good when you're back.

I want stability, trust and happiness. And the only bills that we worry about are our netflix account or choosing between restuarants. I want, even if we're upset with each other, to never sleep alone if we're both home. I want to argue about small stuff like messing with the thermostat and not always about overwhelming problems like not enough money for food or clothes for the kids and why you didnt come home last night. I want it to be good.


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    by - Mr. Darcy

    I enjoyed this.

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