Blue Velvet

by Larry Chamberlin   Jul 6, 2018

Dance class was a time to learn poise
class should shine through it all
box step, Fox trot and waltzes
prepared us for the year end ball

She was there, mine to ask, every time
my secret, though everyone could tell it;
such a charming girl I’ll never forget
dancing to Bobby Vinton’s Blue Velvet

I still remember the gift I ordered
mail ordered just for her to love on
a Barbi doll, hand delivered to her home
but left it with her dad for she was gone

The ball that year was magical
pre-teens in suits and beautiful gown
our cards filled with others of course
but ours each time it slowed down

Then I forsook that dance, lost my chance,
the next year was not so pleasing
and not because I lost interest but
for sake of pride and churlish teasing.

Transferred to my high school later
she scorned my clumsy invitation;
the girl I began to love in second grade -
her fury needed no translation.


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