At the Park

by Everlasting   Feb 5, 2019

She said, “randomness is non-existent, right?????”

I replied while quizzically looking at her, “I supposed...”

Then she went on to say:

When I was at the bus stop, I looked at the blue sky, and suddenly, birds were flying into my mind, but there were no birds in the sky. There were only clouds, and these clouds, were shaping my thoughts and the way I experienced my reality.

Anyways, while observing these birds flapping their wings, I saw feathers rain upon the sidewalk. These feathers tickled my senses to the point that laughter took a hold of me and made me sputter nonsense to the guy who sat beside me. Eventually, he looked at me soaked in bewilderment, and subsequently, ran to the next bus stop to dry himself out of the fear I had drenched on him. Meanwhile, the feathers gather together in ponds, and a small child who stood silently behind me, jumped to Splish-splash them upon the air. Everyone around him got wet in amazement. Their eyes wide-opened while their mouths wowed as the child in the spur of the moment looked as if he grew wings to fly towards his mom who just minutes ago had called him, “Angel!”.

*Sigh* she took a deep breathe then whispered in a excited tone, “it was a magnificent sight.”

I looked at her puzzled, and when I was about to utter a word, she looked at me attentively as if inspecting every hair on my head then she went to say again:

“Randomness is non-existent, right????”


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  • 2 months ago

    by Adreamer

    One of my most recent favorites! Beautifully penned. In a bit of a rush right now ( sorry!) But I'll come back with a better comment soon, I promise! By the way, there are few words for how much I've missed reading your poetry!

  • 3 months ago

    by - Mr. Darcy

    Epic madness eminating from a well of pure gold. X

  • 3 months ago

    by S.T.A.R.

    It’s like a story, the images are magnificent. I especially love the feather gathering in ponds, and the child!!
    I really love this :)

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