Do You Know What It's Like?

by ashley   Jan 5, 2005

Do you know what it's like,
To watch your friend stare at the blade of a knife,
Thinking the only way out,
Is to take her own life...

Do you know what it's like,
As you see the gleam in the blade,
To know your friend doesn't want to live,
And that they wish their life would fade...

Do you know what it's like,
To see the fear in her eyes,
To see a loving honest girl,
Fill herself with hatred and lies...

Do you know what it's like,
To listen to your friend say, "you don't care,"
Even though they know you do,
Because if you didn't, you wouldn't be there...

Do you know what it's like,
To not know what to say,
Because you never thought your friend,
Would get this bad someday...

Do you know what it's like,
When all you can do is cry,
Because there's nothing you can do,
She doesn't acknowledge anything you try...

Do you know what it's like,
For them to say, "I don't need you,"
For them to deny your help,
Saying they don't need it but they do...

Do you know what it's like,
To deal with all the pain,
Of having this friend,
Who thinks there's nothing to gain...

Do you know what it's like,
To be able to feel their pain inside,
Until you can't stand it anymore,
You yourself want to run and hide...

Do you know what it's like,
Knowing it could soon be the end,
Knowing anytime without notice,
You could lose your closest friend...

Do you know what it's like,
To go through the trouble,
As you search through your friend,
Looking through pieces like rubble...

Do you know what it's like,
To finally find that spot,
Where you can help her realize,
All that she has not...

Do you know what it's like,
For her to let you take that knife,
And for her to let you help,
To make sense of her life...

Do you know what it's like,
To keep your friend from suicide,
To keep your friend from thinking,
People wouldn't have cared if she died...

Do you know what it's like,
To have this friend with you today,
Knowing she can count on you to be there,
If she needs your help in any way...

Do you know what it's like,
To change somebody's mind,
To be able to help them get back,
To the person before who was so sweet and so kind...

I know what it's like,
It scared the hell out of me,
If I hadn't been able to help though,
I don't know where I would be...

I almost lost my friends,
All of these words are true,
So I anyone wants to know if I know what its like,
The answer is...

I do

I know what its like to want to die,
how it hurts to smile,
how you try to fit in but cant,
how you hurt yourself on the outside,
to try to kill the thing on the inside,
but there are ways to control yourself,
to fight that feeling,
please let me help you,
get back to where you were before..."


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Latest Comments

  • 6 years ago

    by Lucy

    This is a wonderful poem, it is very sad but extremely touching and meaningful, thank you :)

  • 9 years ago

    by iFallToPieces

    Wow, amazing poem, honestly am quite speechless dont know whatto say but this was very touching and sad.

    good work

  • 10 years ago

    by BrokenVodkaBottle

    Truly sad,
    im a cutter,
    An have tried to end my life.
    Its a terrible path iv found myself down,
    But its not so easy to get out..

    Truly amazing poem.

  • 10 years ago

    by Jessica

    This poem reminded me soo much of mii best friend and me..we both go through the same thing and she's always saying that she wants to die.she even tried to kill herself right in front of me in mii house until she saw that i had a razorblade in mii hand..I cry all the time cuz i'm scared of what she might do when i'm not around.she told me that she's not gonna leave me in this place on mii own but she still threatens me saying that she's gonna kill herself.and i still don't know what to do.

  • 10 years ago

    by AmongTheFallen

    This is a really good poem.. i love it. and yes i know how it feels to be the friend and to be the person who wants to die. but it is very good.. 5/5!