by Michael D Nalley   Jan 11, 2005

Science by its nature explores what is there
The mind by its nature really does care
Gravity keeps us all close to the ground
Laws of motion make the world go round

Science says the universe born from a black hole
Follows laws of nature with order as its goal
Does darkness have an end if darkness has a soul?
Or must it obey the laws, or create its own role

Does darkness explode under the weight of mass?
Does darkness try to bend the light or let it pass?
Does this mysterious matter reflect what is not there?
Does it warm the void or does it warm the air

Was this Creation destined from the start?
To be the alpha and omega to rule the heart
Were laws created in the universe's origin?
Or was there a time for all order to begin

Does gravity make my heart feel heavy?
Imagine all of the darkness born within
Must we pay the tax that nature does levy?
How much darkness could we avoid without sin

Pose the question science begs to answer
Disordered unnatural cells we call cancer
The random selection that most of us call life
Randomly produces the disorder of strife

If it is pills you must take then take them well
To escape for awhile your imagined hell
Nature planned a future that leads us to the grave
Nature can reclaim only what nature gave

Faith heals, but science has a razor for the finite
The dark ages brought some of the dark to light
With the light that purifies the truth can heal
Can the empirical truth be what you feel?


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Heather M Craig

    you must be a really creative person to write about Science...i would like to say i loved it...but since i hate science can't say i did however the poem...the words, the use of it, all of that was great nonetheless...God Bless
    Love Heather.

  • 12 years ago

    by Lipton

    Good poem! Liked it a lot.

    ~Ciao Lipton

  • 12 years ago

    by tender69

    really...interesting.most people never associate science with l.a. but i love how you did.reallyreally good job.if i ever see your book i'll look at it 4 sure,i it,keep on writting.