by ashley   Feb 15, 2005

It’s my middle name,
Disappointing my parents,
I guess that’s my game…

I try to make them happy,
I want them to be proud of me,
But the harder that I try,
The less they seem to see…

I watch my mother cry,
From things I don’t mean to say,
When I’ve disappointed her,
In some little way…

I listen to my step-dad,
Yell and argue with me,
Because there’s always something,
I don’t understand or see…

They don’t realize the good things I do,
Because it’s half as noticeable as what I do wrong,
It’s times like these in my shaky life,
That I wish I knew where exactly I belong…

Because I hurt my family,
Though I don’t purposefully try,
I wish I could take back all those tears,
All the things I said to make them cry…

I’m disappointing my family,
I’m disappointing me,
Maybe I won’t disappoint them,
If one day I get up and leave…

Then their disappointment,
Won’t be there anymore,
And they’ll have the satisfaction,
They’ve always been looking for…


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