Wrath of angels

by Elynnka   Mar 21, 2005

Why won't they die?
These feelings we hide...
Locked deep inside
The past coming from behind
Eager to kill, leaving us blind
Weak...we fall in death's might
Swallowed by the darkness of night
No friendly face in sight,
No reasons left to fight...

Even angels sing no more
Cause some to God, they closed their door
Too hard to reach inside their core
They've turned to something they abhor...
Brightness turns to dark,
Friendships fall apart...
Left alone with no one here
Surrounded by insecurity and fear
Close your eyes...they disappear

A shade of hope we use to be,
But now we're frown in tragedy...
We are not lost, we're just alone
Searching for our only home,
But we search in vain
For pain is deep and will remain,
We have nowhere to go
There's nothing more to know
For we are dead and forgotten
Inside we're pure, in your heart rotten...

Feel the wrath of fading angels
Who use to keep you away from danger,
But you pushed them away and so they slowly fade
There will be nobody when you go to your grave
Your soul will be lost, confused
For angels and the holly saints are being used
As a way to control and dominate
There is no real love, there is only hate
The angels leave you and so now you are alone
It's your fault, for destroyed their home...


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  • 13 years ago

    by Imiel Visser

    Deep Deep Deep, grabbed me by the throat... Love it