Just another day

by Elynnka   Apr 8, 2005

Today every thing's OK
It just seems like another day.
You wake up, you go and eat,
Hear the news of one who's beat,
Nothing new and nothing right,
You start the day again uptight...

You go outside and lock the door
Face the world that you abhor,
A world they're use to say it's real,
But open your mind for it will reveal
The true things that are here to see:
There's nothing here and will never be...

Live your life like you don’t care
If they gossip when they stare,
Ignore those who stand in your way
Because for their evilness they will pay,
You walk on the path of life insecure,
But you have nothing to fear if your thoughts are pure…

Another day passes you by,
All alone with all reasons to cry,
For everything around you is lost
And can’t be regained at any cost,
So you live the way you’ve done before,
Numb inside with a frozen core…


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  • 11 years ago

    by xxmichaelxx

    Great job on this one!!! keeo it up!!!!

  • 13 years ago

    by XxCrimsonxSinxX

    this poem was gooood too, keep it up *hugs*

  • 13 years ago

    by Imiel Visser

    Gr8 poem about someones view on life? respect...