Life after Life

by Lithium   Apr 10, 2005

When I’m feeling down,
She brings a wide smile to my face,
I don't frown for a second,
I’m lost within your embrace,

When my cheeks start to hurt,
I’ve been smiling too much,
But I don't care because I’ve learnt,
What true love really is right to the touch,

Never have I felt this way,
I want to always feel like this about you,
Until our wedding day,
When we hold hands, it’s true,

It’s a perfect world where,
We are free to love each other out loud,
No more sad moments and tears,
As the bell rings soundly,

We will have the best night off bliss,
Passion and romance,
Your sweet lips I’ll kiss,
Then during the night we'll dance,

Sammi my girlfriend,
One day my wife,
Let our love not end,
Life after life.

Dedicated to Sammi, I love you so true.
(p.s. You’re WAY hotter than Mark ;)

©Samantha Jayne Reed
Wrote on April 10th, 2005


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