An Athletes Prayer

by Lost in Love   Apr 21, 2005

God give me the knowledge
To tell the difference between a ball and a strike
And when I make a throw
To throw with all my might

Let me be able to lead my players
And to guide them during the game
And if I make a mistake
Let me feel no shame

God give me the sight
To see every hit
And to know where the play is
So I can throw it to their mitt

God bless me with the physical ability
To make diving catches
Even if I dirty up my skin
And it is filled with scratches

God give me the height
To jump for a ball if it is high
To block everything
And never let it go by

God give me the power
To guard the base as it is my own
And to not let the other team
Ever be able to make it home

God give me the speed
To run quickly to the base
And if the play is close
I will slide and be safe

Let me always hustle
And do my best
To put forth my effort
And pass this test

Let me be able to take a loss
Just as good as a win
Let me never give up
And always give 110

God please help our coach
To always be fair and smart
Letting his teachings be right
And come not just from the head but from the heart

God no matter what
Allow me to make my parents proud
To feel no shame to say I am there kid
And to cheer for me aloud

God and even if we win or lose
I want our team to have fun
And if heaven has all stars
Let me be one

And when all the games are over
And the season is done
I want to be able to play on your team
Just like your son


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Lost in Love

    Yes i did write this. And thank you very much for the comment i took a glance at your poems and your a very good writer as well and hopefully i will have the chance to read more of your work and comments thanks again

  • 12 years ago

    by Heather M Craig

    Did you write this??? If so, it's amazing! one of the cutest things I've read on here in a long time. I love it so much, words just can't express. 5/5

    Love Always,
    Heather M Craig

    ps keep in touch!

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