Dear Beautiful Kathleen

by Sarah Ann   Jun 17, 2005

There was this beautiful girl
In a month she'd be sixteen
She once lived a happy life
And her name was Kathleen

Kathleen was the smartest
She focused well in school
And every student loved her
They thought she was cool

No body ever disliked her
Because she'd always care
Always lending her hand
Her heart was always there

One day she planned a party
The whole school would go
She couldn't wait till the day
A year older she would grow

Suddenly she started aching
Shaking a lot out of control
Every body became scared
It hurt in every person’s soul

The ambulance then took her
She forced everyone a smile
Looking at Kathleen's face
Was always worth its while

Waiting were her own parents
And each dropped silent tears
What's wrong with Kathleen
She was fine all of these years

After what seemed like forever
The doctor came with the news
Instantly they knew it was bad
For he was looking at his shoes

"I like to be totally honest with
Any patients coming my way
I'm sorry but Kathleen is sick
She won’t live many more days"

Mother's heart beat in her ear
She didn't know what she heard
She wanted to scream at the doc
But she couldn't utter a word

"Doctor what is the matter?"
Father said, so very alarmed
"Your daughter has leukemia
And her life is in great harm"

"I have already told Kathleen
And she took it to the heart
Of course it is really serious
I am sorry you'll feel apart"

"No I will never believe it!"
"Kathleen!" her mother cried
She walked in the hospital room
And collapsed near her bedside

Suddenly a hand lifted her chin
"Mother all this has to be wrong
But please if this is true mommy
Can you help me to be strong?"

"Oh Kathleen we love you so
I feel like we are put to blame"
The mother couldn't speak more
So she left the room in shame

Days and days Kathleen lay
Machines hooked to her arm
Her beauty drained out of her
She didn't look such a charm

Many new tests were taken
And she grew in many tears
She knew what was coming
It can destroy her future years

She had nightmares of that day
It couldn't be true as she heard
Her whole life was torn apart
She is shattered by three words

Everyday she had many visitors
And they all sat near her side
People began to lose their hope
And she eventually lost her pride

Her smiles then became frowns
And for this fifteen year old girl
Leukemia had to steal her life
And mess up her small world

This beautiful girl lost her hair
And with that she got so thin
The cancer would never give up
It ate everything from within

All her friends couldn't breathe
When they got this terrible news
Everything they had ever loved
They were now just about to lose

The angel's skin turned Grey
She would not last any longer
She was having some treatment
But not getting any stronger

People willed her to get better
They stayed with her each day
But nothing made her happy
There really was just no way

One day her mother saw her
Writing inside a golden book
"What is this honey, its pretty,
Can I maybe have one look?"

"Nope. Mommy I'm so sorry
My feelings are deep inside
But one day you will read it
There won't be much to hide"

"Sweetie dear I am really sorry
Soon everything will be alright"
Mom’'s eyes were filled with tears
"I hope mommy you are right"

As her death days grew nearer
There was no effort to even speak
She was living on machines now
And every second she grew weak

Her doctors told her parents
That surely soon she would die
Her parents already knew that
And every night they cried

Anger ran through every person
At the thought of her young death
How could this be happening to her
Fifteen, and taking her last breath

Then on her birthday it happened
She suddenly died in her sleep
The hospital turned in to see her
Even the nurses began to weep

A week later she was buried
Six feet deep under the ground
When they looked for her mother
She was no where to be found

Then the woman came running
And she passed the priest a note
She gestured him to read it aloud
And in it her dear Kathleen wrote:

"Do not break down when my end comes, please do not cry
I am sure god has his good reasons for causing me to die
I will always be by your side mother even if you can't see
Remember you're not living for yourself but also living for me"

Everyone's face filled with smiles
And their wet tears began to dry
Each person felt a warming light
Because an angel was by their side


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  • 7 years ago

    by BlueJay

    Wow! this is so sad. I'm sorry

  • 9 years ago

    by Heidi

    Wow this is absolutely amazing.. amazing!

  • 10 years ago

    by LM

    OMG! OMG! OMG!
    What a wonderful but sad poem!
    I love it! Great job! :)

  • 10 years ago

    by Kate

    Thats awsome i love it
    funny thing is my full name is kathleed lol..
    great and awsoem
    i love it =]

  • 11 years ago

    by Nikki

    I LOVE IT! That is all I have to say. And keep up the good work!