Mad at me??

by bRiTbRiT   Aug 18, 2005

I don’t wanna be rude
But i\'m so damn hurt
Out of all my friends
I always put YOU first
I tried my best
To make you smile
I tried to make our conversations worth while
I told you my secrets
And i told you how i felt
I even showed you pictures
Of when i cut myself
But now you’re mad at me
Why? I just don’t know
I want to be there for you
Sorry if it doesn’t show

I hate the fact were in this
Little thing were we don’t talk
Im like totally suffering
I hope it doesn’t shock
I can’t sleep this is the only thing
On my mind
I never saw this coming
Sorry if im wasting your time

This just hurts so bad
Its making me cry
Not having you as a friend
Makes me wanna die
Please hear me out
Im so sorry for.... what ever
Even if it’s all
Caused by my brother
Or if it’s just me????
Please let me know
If you don’t want this friendship....
Just tell me... and i guess I’ll let go.
Just to make you happy.

So if you’re mad at me
Tell me why
So i can fix it
And make everything alright....

I can run to my mom
I can run to my dad...
But they haven't been there for me
As much as you one has
so damn bad


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  • Hey .... i luved dis poem, 5/5 mayb u just need 2 give ur friend time? time duz sometimes heal wounds! im always here 4 u if u need s0me1 2 talK 2 s0o dnt ever f0rget that~! thanx 4 ur comment it meant a lot!! luv maddison xxx

  • 12 years ago

    by Ariana

    Usually I don't like internet slang poems, however this is a nice change from what I usually read in this category. I liked the first four lines best, they flow on well.

  • 12 years ago

    by TinyDancer46

    Very good... strong emotions and extremely powerful. Great job!