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Hello I'm Ariana and I mostly write poems but I do write stories also. I've been a member of P&Q for awhile and used to be here all the time but since everything's changed I tend to hang out at other sites more now lol. I'm an insomniac so mostly I'm half asleep, or I'm trying to get to sleep. I'm also quite ugly. That is not a feel sorry for myself statement, it is a fact. My eyes are too small for the rest of my face and I have no cheekbones. However I suppose I shouldn't be complaining because at least my face functions properly.
Please don't review my stuff only so that I'll go review yours, I really don't like that. What I do like is to read poetry that is not on the 'featured' list, because those are usually the ones with hardly any comments. Actually, I don't know why I'm telling you that - does anyone even read these anyway? Smeh. Oh and also I invent words sometimes because I get tounge-tied and type the first thing that comes to mind. Oh yeah, and I already know, I use the word 'sweet' alot in my poems, I guess it is just one of my favourite words.

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Latest Poems By Ariana

  • Pulse (1)

    I felt your pulse, while you slept
    pressing my lips against your neck...

  • Kiss (1)

    Kiss me,

  • Stars (4)

    I flew tonight...

  • My conciousness is numbed
    so I don't cry anymore...

  • Innocence
    soft skin, bright eyes...

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  • Clear the air so you can breathe
    these memories need not be seen
    so let them all now fade away
    the buried box of yesterday.

    16 years ago
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