Only You!

by Ali   Oct 1, 2005

As each and every day goes,
My love for you also grows,

You seem to turn a deaf ear,
& I wander just here and there,

You said our love will always glow,
And now it seems a long time ago,

How we made each other smile,
Our time together was so worthwhile,

How we talked and had so much to tell,
I couldn't believe I was under your spell,

Your love in me sent a sparkle of heat,
I thought I was sitting on a king's seat,

Everything which is up comes down,
And now you can always see my frown,

The good & bad times that we shared,
Into each other's eyes how we glared,

Never had I thought it would go all wrong,
I still sing along our favorite song,

Your love infused in my blood as one,
You only gave me such happiness & fun,

Now you see why I am so pale,
I know that my love was a fail,

All those promises you did make
Now I know they were a fake,

But I have always loved you,
And if you come, you can always do,

Yes you're my love till the end of time,
Forever I'll wait for you to be mine,


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Ali

    Thanks alot you're always the first one!!

  • 13 years ago

    by Gesselle Valle

    Wow Ali,
    just beautiful as always...thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry with us. Your poem's just great, nice job 5/5 ^_^ take care.