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My name is Gesselle. Latin by nature, and proud... I'm not the best person to talk about me because obviously I like to mention the best of me. But I think im pretty easy going,open-minded, and spontaneous. Im very observant and people amaze me by the day. The real insight on me is much more than what you see. I was born and raised in Nicaragua. Im pretty laconic and I express much in few words. I don't like when people take things out of context and can't drop a subject. I am easily amused and can get along with almost anybody; but still have my own identity and live up to it. I enjoy writing and reading poems but Im also into sports.

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  • Age : 22
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  • Country : USA, Nevada
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  • We met during a cold winter night...
    Above the stars and the moonlight...

  • Beautiful thoughts of you
    are filling my heart with...

  • Sweet thoughts of you
    always make me smile...

  • Although many things
    have changed throughout the years...

  • Life (13)

    Although I'm trying to build a new life
    and face the cruelty of the world...

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  • "My mind not only wanders; sometimes it leaves completely."

    16 years ago
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  • Only as far as we can love, we can go.

    16 years ago
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