The Girl

by Juls   Nov 5, 2005

The girl is walking down a path
with shadows of death above
covering the light that
she never seems to see

Her life is black
along with her heart
She learns to live with the black
She seems to know nothing else

She walks down that path
with signs of death above
Happieness in her mind
is a joke so she frowns

She thinks about death
the thought of suicde is fun
Sliting her wrists
and shoting that gun

I never loved
I never saw the light
I never was happy
I am such a fright
Nobody will cry
So tonight Im going to shot this gun under my chin and say one last goodbye

These were her last words
she wrote to everyone that
has walking in and out of her life

She took that gun
her hands so still
and said a final goodbye
and went for the kill

She shot a bullet
right up her head
as that girl
falls down on the ground

Her twin finds the body
and the note that lye with
she reads the note as
she crys to herself

She says to her died sister
\"Im not a twin without you
so the other should die too\"

So she took a knife
and slit her wrists
till the life of the other girl
could no longer exsist


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by ♥Leah♥

    I agree about the spelling mistakes, but that could be keyboard error right? lol. but i loved this one!! keep it up. you rock,

  • 12 years ago

    by Vegetable

    This is very good, The rhyme worked well. The only thing I suggest is some major spelling errors that distract from the poems quality... " Happieness" and "lye". anyway other than that great work.

  • 12 years ago

    by Pure Silence

    Another long yet truly brill one hun:) i love the first two lines

    The girl is walking down a path
    with shadows of death above

    nicely done, keep it up:)


  • WOW! is all i have to say juls, just wow

  • 12 years ago

    by Rachael Young

    Luffed it Galfriend ;]
    Nah lol it was very good