by Larry   Dec 1, 2005

Dreams have been destroyed by reality,
Promises have been broken due to weak devotion;
Those who were once mighty have since been humbled,
They have been forced to deal with one-sided emotions.

My sacred utopia has vanished from sight,
And with it a heavenly kingdom of bliss;
An aggressive image that was once admired by many,
Has been ultimately conquered by Satan's kiss.

The ironic has become the norm,
The unthinkable has been replaced with the expected;
One of the few who were once embraced by their peers,
Has now become one of many who are rejected.

The sublime has become the intolerable,
What was once simple has now become complicated;
The characteristics of a congenial nature have been erased,
The goodness and innocence of Man has been eradicated.

A peaceful mindset is unheard-of,
For life has been described in graphic detail;
An eternal thirst for happiness shall never be quenched,
We shall be forced to accept that reality shall always prevail.


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  • 12 years ago

    by shelby

    Hay i love it plz rate some of mine most are like this it really expresses what i feel