For the Suffering of Death

by Larry   Dec 4, 2005

I can see Pilate washing his hands,
I can hear the crowd's murderous demands;
I can feel how they hardened their hearts,
Satan struck his target with a fiery dart!

I can see His blood being shed,
I can hear it drip from His nail pierced hands;
I can feel the thorns upon His head,
Even then, we were part of his plans!

I can see God turning from His son,
I can hear someone praying, "Thy will be done".
I can feel the Lord's lonesome pain,
Mary's loss was the world's greatest gain!

I can see the sun as it arose the third day,
I can hear the cheers as the stone was rolled away;
I can feel God's, life-giving, breath
The angels rejoiced as Christ conquered death!


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