Through Repentance

by Larry   Dec 4, 2005

I am more than glad to be alive today,
Sadly, I do not always feel this way;
I sometimes feel as if I do not belong,
I now understand my theory has been wrong!

I have my share of problems but everyone does,
I am determined to remain who I am instead of who I was;
I may sometimes pity myself but only for a while,
I shall welcome the day with a wink of the eye and a pleasant smile!

I feel tremendous compared to how I once felt,
I repented and prayed while upon my knees I knelt;
I found myself tired of playing Satan's evil game,
I was at my lowest point when I called upon Christ's name!

I am dressed for battle with a two-edged sword in my mind,
There is no weapon as dangerous on Earth to find;
I shall not bridle a horse but instead -- my tongue,
My battle for salvation has finally begun!


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