Let it show

by The Poetic Child   Jan 17, 2006

Our love is like a sweet smelling rose,
and yet our love is like a ocean as it gently flows...

My love for you is hot like a burning fire
As Long as your love remains like the gas, so we can never retire....

The words i say to explain what i feel,
Is noting compared to whats in my heart thats real.....

I may be young but i feel so ready,
I'm your "cuddle bear", I'm your own little Teddy....

Some laugh at us cause they thinks its funny,
on how i talk about you and call you "snuggle bunny"

but its just cause they don't know how to love like i can,
They don't have a girl who calls them there own "man"

I'm letting you know now I'm your man and forever i shall be
I'm letting everyone know, i want them to see

that my love for you grows and grows,
Shines through the night and red like a rose.....

I look at us in the future and we seem so Perfect,
If theres any struggles or problems we can work it.....

I love you so much and its something i want you to make sure you know,
Every single day i say i love you and i try to let it show......

Dedicated to my Girlfriend
Christina aka ~Lollipop Sweetie~
I love you babe


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  • 12 years ago

    by FoundHim

    Wow! this was...sweet, beautiful, awesome, touching...your gf is very very lucky to have sumone to write poetry for her i wish my bf would do that for me lol... all of your poems are totally awesome and all leave me speechless i dont really kno wut to say...keep it up and thnx for the comments and i have been working on a longer one...take care

  • 12 years ago

    by nO1cOmPaReS2yOu

    I put another poem on my site thingy that I had to write for school, but I will try to write some more...I'm kinda new at this, & I can't just sit down & write when I feel like it. I'm going skiing with my youth group this weekend, so maybe I will somehow be "inspired". I don't know. But thanks for all the encouragement!

  • 12 years ago

    by nO1cOmPaReS2yOu

    This is amazing! you are truely an artist. If a guy wrote me a poem like that, I would probably cry I'd be so touched! but excelent job! 5/5 = ]

  • 12 years ago

    by ShaeBaeBae

    I liked this very much! This has actually become one of my favorite poems on this site! I didn't mean to rush you with the whole getting published thing! 5/5/ keep it up!

  • 12 years ago

    by AnAstAciA

    You gf is very lucky yo have someone like you! this poem shows how much you care about her how much you love her and don't want to lose her....I hope you stay this...forever:) great job and keep it up:) 5/5