CoRazon PeRdIdO 2Nd oF 3 hEaRTz

by ღPrEciiOuz~KiiZeZღ   Feb 21, 2006

En el pasado fuiste todo para mi
but now i opened up my eyes
me di cuenta que contigo no puedo estar feliz
i'm tired of these never ending good-byes

trate de amarte
more than one time
pero darte mi corazon fue
my number one crime

no se a quien quiero
love has me wondering around
yo se que un dia mi corazon
would be too weak to make a sound

Corazon perdido es mi nombre
and i'm stuck in between
mis lagrimas por ellos arden
i wish the marks coulnd be seen

ahora soy muy trizte
because i ended up alone
no tengo a nadien
in this world i'm on my own

te prometo que un dia
nobody would bring me down
siempre voy a sonreir
never show a frown

pero esta dia es muy lejos de aqui
the pain will never go away
amo a los dos
i just wish you both could stay

sueño que un dia voy a encontrar mi corazon
because i lost it on my way to you
y nunca pense que conmigo ibas a jugar
For I see a lonly future no love nothing new.

esto es todo lo que quiero
to find true love
quiero encontrar mi angelito
the one that God will send from above

** Diiz iiz d33diicat33d to mah Past lov33z...th33 on33z that mad33 m33 loz33 mii h33art...ii lov33 mii giirlz who r iin diiz wiith m33...Corazon PaRtiiDo, CorAzon Priisiion33ro...n of courz33 me...Corazon P33rdiido


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  • 12 years ago

    by Sexy Chicana

    U go mami dat poem was tight I know EXACTUALLY how you feel. Right now I'm caught inbetween something that I dont even know if it's still love or it's just something that he doesnt even care 4 anymore! ALL I gotz to say is keep your head up ma and I shall do the same..!!!!

  • 12 years ago

    by Valeria

    ..Really good poem..!:D..kinda got me confused with the spanish and ingles ..but it was really good..! keep it up girl..!
    love always

  • 12 years ago

    by evita

    Mi encanto tu poem.i kno u'll find tht special 1 tht u will alwayz love.

  • 12 years ago

    by HONEY


  • 12 years ago

    by PoeticJustice

    Thats good, i like tha other two too

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