My Darling Metaphor (edited)

by Fig   Feb 23, 2006

Everlasting incandescent muttering
Spinning your silver strands of deceit
Soared like hair in the wind
Into the air and twist their way around your head
Dancing in the hot heat of the air
And wind themselves
Bind themselves around my wrists
So gradually
Like vines or creepers
In the heavy heresy of the nights

With your nimble
Beautiful tongue
Those threads of ice cold death
Entwine and mingle with my hair
Yet exuding from these painted lips
So frozen by your touch
A touch of frost
Only the painful truth

Fiber optic glowing sparks
Streamers and streaks of paint
In this fresh canvas of the air
Colored the dank walls
Warm the room

Even the taste of your mouth whispered of darkness and shadows
And frozen over disguise
My Darling Metaphor
You say you love me
I know it is just an image for your lies to hide behind

But you were free to soar
And I was trapped without escape
As this everlasting war
Between your words and your eyes
You froze my love with you lies
Into that image
A freeze-frame symbol

I loved you, and
Illustrated, painted with my truth
But out of your cold lies
I formed a metaphor of you
And that was all I loved.


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