Daisy-Crushing Days

by Fig   Aug 12, 2006

That lazy summer haze, so warm against my skin
And left a graze of gold.
Dripping its liquid from within
That summer sun, spilled heat over the grass
In sweet golden droplets, far scattered and sparse
Framed with a hot white halo

We ran in a daze, knee deep in a swaying grassy maze
Washed yellow and sea green.
With sprays of seeds and leaves, and feathered tops frayed
As we grazed the hot heavy sky,
Hand in hand and slipped through breezy seas
Pricked with sea foam daisies

And lying in a daze, sunk deep beneath the haze of summer sweetness
As the breeze plays with my hair, Felt the golden light drip over us,
And erase the marks and mars of the crazy world
So far away, its days and days to reach it
But we shall stay, Gazing through the daisy maze
Holding their sweet flower heads between our heated finger tips
Crushing gently and spilling their yellow sweetness
Into the air
As we lie lazy in these daisy crushing days.


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Latest Comments

  • 17 years ago

    by Green Maiden

    Luce, this is gorgeous...I love the richness of the words.

    It just feels like SUMMER.*bounces*

    now I want to make a daisychain...

  • 17 years ago

    by Navy Blue Heart

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is brilliant lu! I love it! I love all the imagery it's so powerful. It's almost like watching a film you can see everything so clearly!