Yes, I'm fine

by Fig   Aug 30, 2006

Of course I'm OK
And you believe me
its not like you would want to hear about the motionless silent panic
A struggling gasp for air
Like an anguished back wards scream
That has an endless grasp on me
Chilling but so stinging sweet
Like I'm slowly cutting, slicing my flesh.
But it's so far within; if it were real I would die

You wouldn't listen about the sinking sting
Like a trickling whisper of smoke
Infects me through my mouth
Twisting and wrenching
Licking like cold fire at my lungs
That sharp panic, frantic dread
Being trapped underwater
The fear of knowing you cannot move
Then feel frenzy so fast and terrifying
Everything becomes slowed and stilled
But I cannot move for my glazed eyes ground me
The whole worlds ice-covered and muted
Blue tinted and muffled to my frozen ears
So sealed away from my loneliness
I'm so cold it hurts.
But it stabs in my chest where if it were real I would die
How sweet that would be
I'm heat-less, i feel nothing
I want to scream and tear at myself
But I cannot move
Yes, I'm fine


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Latest Comments

  • 17 years ago

    by Strange Angel

    Lucy! how is it, you always capture how i feel, and you manage to say it so eloquently and beautifully and originally. your poems always make me gasp. damn you for your skill. the subtlety of your work is awe inspiring. never,ever stop.


  • 17 years ago

    by Navy Blue Heart

    This is an incredible poem Lu and (sounding v American) it really speaks to me. Everyone feels like this at some point and you've captured it perfectly as always my friend :) . Miss you loads and loads. xxxxx