Dancing with Snakes

by Fig   Aug 13, 2006

My gentle curves slowly swaying in your arms
Writhing and slender, made warm by your palms
Warmed by your touch but so cold within
Cracked and rough, in my emerald snake skin

Like golden Jewelled chain mail; my casing conceals me
Spinning, swirling around you, you feel me,
With your fingerprints so searching and on fire
But I cannot feel or even touch the edges of desire
All is cold and frozen into emerald frost
I'm warm to your touch but I'm so cold and lost

And you rise slowly in the gold streaked air,
Entwined by snakes as the wind twists my hair
Envelop with flesh my glimmering crust
Wrapping around you,
writhing and dancing
so chilled by secret tears
eyes glazed with ice, and slowly sink into the distance
Emerald green and gold

My drawn out body
a sea green river, frozen, still turning in this slow meander

Falling up wards through the air so lost in my jade watery eyes
Little bottle green glass, melted into Jewelled skies
But their covered in glittering folds of scales; skin that you will never see
For your secretly dancing with snakes; you don't know that you're dancing with me


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  • 17 years ago

    by Navy Blue Heart

    Oooooooh chilling!!! :D Love the last 4 lines! Another favourite methinks! ur so talented lu i wish i could write like this!!!!