Dreaming of Reality

by David Munoz   May 31, 2006

Starlight meets the sun
That special day has come
The day that you and I walk together
Two of a kind and birds of a feather
Walking down a sandy beach
All the love I need within reach
We stare at the sky and the beauty we see
And yet fails to compare to the beauty beside me
With a smile you start to run, me chasing after
Faster and faster until we fall, rolling in laughter
Lying together covered in sand
My hand reaches out and grasps your hand
Our gaze drifts upward to the sun rising above
Yet the only warmth I feel is from our shared love
You close your eyes, the sky lacking what you seek
I brush your hair away and gently kiss your cheek
My eyes close, sun still shining it's beams
I open my eyes and awaken from my dream
I turn my face to see you sleeping near
Smiling, I lean over and whisper in your ear
"You were the only one who saw me though my doors"
"You told me you loved me, so now I'm yours."


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  • 12 years ago

    by David Munoz

    This poem really means alot to me, so please vote and comment. Thanks in Advance.

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